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As computer technologies proliferate, new computer-related risks and liabilities arise from their use. Companies incur many of these risks and liabilities daily. While 10-Rules cannot guard against those individuals who intend on breaking the law, most employees expose companies to computer-related fines and penalties inadvertently, because they lack proper education. These fines, penalties and law suites can cost a company millions of dollars...not to mention the bad press.

  • 8April 2014
    Computer Crimes

    Florida State House Bill HB 641 - Provides that person who introduces computer contaminant to specified device or modifies, renders unavailable, or destroys data, programs, or supporting documentation on specified device commits criminal offense; provides that person who discloses or takes data, programs, or supporting documentation that is trade secret or confidential on electronic device commits criminal offense; provides that person who accesses electronic device, disrupts ability to transmit data to or from specified devices, damages electronic device or equipment, introduces computer contaminant to electrical device, or engages in surveillance of individual by accessing computer network or electronic device commits criminal offense; provides that person who engages in specified activities against computer, computer system, computer network, or electronic device of public utility commits criminal offense. (1)

  • 13March 2014
    University of Maryland

    The University of Maryland learned of a cyber-intrusion into its network on the morning of Saturday, March 15, 2014. Within 36 hours, the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and the University's Police Department, working with University's IT security staff, successfully mitigated the intrusion. We thank these organizations for their expeditious and effective actions. (2)

  • 19Feb 2014
    Computer-related injuries in US ‘increase sevenfold’

    MANILA, Philippines - Netizens will now have to be careful with what they post online. The Supreme Court (SC) yesterday upheld the constitutionality of a key provision in the controversial Republic Act No. 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act that criminalizes online libel. Justices of the high court voted in session to declare constitutional Section 4 (c) (4) of the law, which penalizes acts of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) committed through a computer system. (3)

  • 10Jan 2014
    Target data breach reaches 110 Million

    Target on Friday revised the number of customers, whose personal information was stolen in a widespread data breach during the holiday season, now reporting a range of 70 million to 110 million people. The stunning figure represents about a third of all American adults at the low end, and is nearly three times as great as the company’s original estimate at the upper end. The theft is one of the largest ever of retail data. (4)

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