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Upon successful completion of the 10-Rules program, you'll receive dozens of special offers from which to choose. Gift Cards, Discounts, and Freebies in stores and on-line that you're going to love. Perfect for a gift or to use for yourself. Getting these special offers is easy. Simply pick the offer or activity that catches your eye in the left column and follow the instructions given by the retailer. Don't forget, these special offers are always getting updated. Check out all current offers and check back for more.

The nation's top retailers want to reward you for taking time to learn basic concepts in Information and Computer Ethics through the 10-Rules for Working in the Information Age program. These companies realize that students entering the workforce armed with understandings gained through 10-Rules make for better employees. New government laws and regulations, impose greater responsibilities for businesses, especially in terms of exercising a heightened degree of ethics and compliance when it comes to the use of computers and information.

Don't forget to tell your future employer that you're I.C.E. Certified!

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