10-Rules Sapere Aude


Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the 10-Rules program, a Certificate of Completion will be made available. Students will be able to show this certificate to potential employees as well as add it to their accomplishments when they apply to college. Moreover, after successfully completing the program, students are eligible to receive exciting rewards from sponsors who believe in preparing students of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


10-Rules for Working in the Information Age

As computer technologies proliferate, new computer-related risks and liabilities arise from their use. Companies incur many of these risks and liabilities daily. While 10-Rules cannot guard against those individuals who intend on breaking the law, most employees expose companies to computer-related fines and penalties inadvertently, because they lack proper education. These fines, penalties and law suites can cost a company millions of dollars...not to mention the bad press.

"Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living." Nicholas Negroponte

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