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Teacher's Guide

10-Rules will help students in the real world.

The Teacher's Guide for 10-Rules is divided into 10 sections, corresponding to each individual Rule. Each content-area is designed to assist you in stimulating conversation and deep thinking about 10-Rules in your classroom. You can use 10-Rules as a single assignment, or else you can assign one Rule per assignment. No matter which approach you take, the goal is to empower you with additional knowledge and understanding that benefits both you and your students.

Ms. Ann Millerton Management and Business

It is an undeniable fact that computers have dramatically improved the way businesses operate. In nearly all cases, companies not using computers are at a major disadvantage against their competitors who do use them. Our students are expected to know how to use computer software and hardware; however, there are few resources that explore issues raised by computer users. 10-Rules helps to examine many of these issues, by focusing on the human side of the equation. How humans impact Computer Privacy, Security, IP, and Software Piracy are just some of the issues examined. 10-Rules prepares students to meet the greater challenges of computing technology beyond the ivory towers.

  • Cooper City High School

Mr. Carl FrancisCommunication

Computers play a vital role in the lives of people today. They have radically altered the way we live. The written word, audio, graphics and video are now more prolific because of the computer. Indeed, how we communicate has taken on an entirely new trajectory because of computers and computing technologies. It’s important to realize that users of this powerful technology have responsibilities. 10-Rules helps us to examine many of the most important responsibilities that users have.

  • Hollywood Hills High School

Ms. Megan FoxMathematics

Naturally, computers help us to calculate...so they obviously play an important role in mathematics. But computers do more…they allow us to use mathematics to help solve complex issues in the real world. 10-Rules provides a wonderful springboard to use when asking students to think about mathematics. Each of the major Rules allows me to start with a social problem and to explore it in terms of mathematics. For example, we look at the mathematics involved with encryption software, the economic fallout of software piracy, the probability of identity theft, and so much more. I think that all teachers, regardless of what subject they teach can use 10-Rules to help them in their classroom.

  • McArthur High School
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