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10-Rule: Introduction


Eddie is a nice guy and a very good worker. In fact, he often takes work home. Unfortunately the company Eddie works for is small and has no IT staff. As a result he makes a mistake in judgement.
American businesses lose millions of dollars to fines and penalties resulting from the inappropriate use of computers.
Do you think that these Rules will help employees understand how they can get their companies into trouble?
The ethical take-away from 10-Rules is to think critically about the ways you can cause harm using computer technologies.


Introduction to 10-Rules

Computers, and computer-based technologies (CBTs), are found nearly everywhere in our lives. And, their presence is increasing. They are in our homes, the cars we drive, and the offices we work in. These technologies have changed how we learn, meet people, engage in commerce, and even in how we play. They help us deal with events ranging from the mundane to the profound; from helping us check out at grocery stores to helping doctors diagnose medical problems.

Computer-based technologies are very special tools because they are so powerful and because they can handle so much information. A high-end laptop today has more computational power than the entire computer system of the Apollo 13 spacecraft.

Powerful technologies can be used to produce beneficial consequences or they can be used to produce harmful consequences. Take, for example, cars, chainsaws and pencils. If used appropriately, they can produce wonderful and valuable results; if, on the other hand, they are used inappropriately they can produce dangerous results.

Increasingly, businesses realize that it is necessary to teach employees how to use computer-based technologies and information responsibly, in order to avoid risks and liabilities. This program is designed to help do just that! (Many of the skills and understandings you develop in this program you will be able to use at home, as well.)

After reviewing this program, you will be able to:

  1. Understand basic terms and concepts in the new field of computer ethics,
  2. Identify major problems and issues that arise when using computers in the workplace,
  3. Place into a framework or context issues arising from the inappropriate use of computers in the workplace,
  4. Anticipate problems arising from the inappropriate use of computers in the workplace, and
  5. Implement actions that will help you and your company avoid such problems.



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